Easily the twin-island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago’s best kept secret.

It was much too short a trip. I had no major expectations but to allow my self to experience this new place. I welcomed the escape from Barbados and submerge myself in the culture.  Thanks to the best hostess and best friend, Kristen, along with my new Lucian friend-Mernette; during my very short stay I got to experience so much with my only regret being the camera I left back home. The one day spent in Tobago was so fulfilling and action packed, it left me craving more. It was indeed a vibe!

This day started literally before the break of dawn, we ladies got ready and made our way to the ferry dock to make the three hour journey to the island. The ride was smooth for most but for others (1 individual in particular :P) was quite upsetting and she chose to express this by expelling all the morning’s grub :D.

We went from Ferry to a glass bottom boat and set out unto the cool blue waters of Store Bay. Our tour guides were only fun and amazing, and the scenery breath taking and calming, I could’ve stayed out there forever!

Daring to try something new, wild deer and buss up shut was lunch and my new Tabogian friend took us up to Fort King George to enjoy our meal compliments the wild wild west, seem only fitting to have it outdoors :). On top of this mountain much laughter was shared and conversation had, from carnival to similar Trini-Bajan sayings. The evening couldn’t have ended on a better note, thanks Stephan!

Can’t wait to return!





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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jay246 says:

    Glad you enjoyed your trip, that’s what I love about traveling…the experiences & memories you make are priceless. Traveling is one of life’s greatest jems.


  2. Sounds like a really nice place 🙂


    1. belleamiblog says:

      Hi, indeed it was!


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