First step: Realisation

I wrote the below bit during my early time at secondary school. At some point during this time I felt so weighed down by the pressures of life. You know those trials where you have a secret crush on the hot boy and he refuses to pay you any attention? Yes, that guy you swore you would marry some day and have may be two or three children with? I must have been 13 (no more than 14 years old). I was so sure back then that we were meant to be sigh… yea back then it was indeed such a burdensome time in my life [sarcasm, in case you missed it]. Thank God for maturity!!

Such was the context of the piece written then. I look back and laugh at how distraught I was over such (now) meaningless things. In the broader realm, how trivial they seem to me now, however crucial obstacles they presented at the time. Come on! I know some of you can relate…

…the next step

This piece although conceived from a now trivial situation, I believe has such a great implication no matter how old you are, so I’d like to share it with you as encouragement, and you can draw your own meaning from it.

We all have be given a fighting spirit, you just need to realise this, if not right now, I hope you will soon because we are all capable of being so much more than just conquerors. We have so much more power than we even realise!

Wherever you are in the world right now reading this I want you to GET UP, STOP feeling sorry for yourself, STOP depending on others for YOUR OWN happiness! Sorry I don’t mean to shout…but that blue door right there ↑ is your door, I can’t promise that it’ll always be there and can’t tell you exactly how long it’ll be waiting for you to open, but the first step is realising…


Sometimes we just stay locked up in the dungeon guarded by the two-headed fire breathing dragon, waiting to be rescued. Caught up in a world of turmoil and strife where many suitors had past by. You want to be rescued, you want Prince Charming to ride up on his big white stallion and save you from the evil ones. But while we waste time waiting for him, we never realise our capabilities, we never realise our strengths and we never realise that we can save ourselves!

Of course I’ll love to hear from you. Tell me in the comments what strengths have you realised you have. Let me know how this piece can be applied to you personnally; how do you interpret it?




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