Cheers to Great Friendships!

My blessings are many, especially when it comes to the awesome souls I encounter and befriend. I have indeed been blessed to be surrounded and supported by special specimens I am fortunate to call friends, who have become parts of my existence…my extended family.

I haven’t always showed appreciation to those around me that have positively affected my life; who have all contributed in part to the individual I am today. Some are my day ones and have grown right along with me, others I met throughout the years. Recently, three souls have entered my life and have meld with mine so naturally I’d like to refer to them as my soul mates.

Great relationships are built over time and are enduring. And like all great structures require solid foundations, the best material and diligent hands. What you put into your relationships – time, effort, intimacy and openness, love – is in most cases returned unto you. Make wise investments. Don’t be afraid to give of yourself to others. Don’t be afraid to need someone. Don’t ever neglect to show appreciation. Most importantly surround yourself with positive influences, people to encourage and have the capacity to love unconditionally. Invest in your friendships, form deeper connections and maintain and improve those already had.

I believe that anyone who enters your life is there to add meaning, to teach you valuable lessons, to make you better.

To all my friends who may read this post I love you, to those strangers seek out great people to befriend!



“There is nothing I would not do for those who are truly my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves. It is not my nature” -Jane Austen


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