I See You 2015!

Another year has come and even more quickly, has ended. Wherefore did thou go 2014?

My 2014 ushered me into adulthood and has set me on the path towards independence. I completed my undergrad degree and started a new position at a telecommunications company. God has indeed been great and gracious to me this past year, and I acknowledge him as the provider of all blessings. I would love to go into all the things that work out in my favour this past year, and you know I will in future posts. Succinctly, there were moments of intense sadness but these were minute compared to all the good that happened, most of it when I was on the verge of giving up. I was given the opportunity of a position I held for practically a year, which initially was only meant to be a two week stint… Yes it was God! Must have been…luck is a silly notion to me…coincidence? Equally.

I formed new bonds and I lost some.

So as a new year begins, bringing with it its full share of natural highs and lows. I strive towards accomplishing all those things that brings me joy and lift the spirits of others. I must say that I have such high hopes for 2015. I speak advancement and maturity! I declare balance! I press towards a deeper and intimate relationship with my Lord and an increased effort to be a better person and friend.

Not a brand new me but an improved being.

I see you 2015!




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